FVV Volleyball – Thrill until the last match day

Great sport and huge atmosphere on the penultimate match day in the Kreisliga West of the Hessian Volleyball Association HVV. Our team fought in the sports hall of the Frankfurt Glauburgschule against Eintracht Wiesbaden 3 and against Eintracht Frankfurt 3 for the climb. The fans and their own teammates made a good atmosphere, but whoever thought the decision would be made on this day was taught better – the FVV continues to make it exciting: our team first won clearly 3:0 against the Wiesbaden team, but then lost narrowly 2:3 in an exciting five-set match against the Frankfurt Eintracht. In the table, the FVV is now behind the Eagles in second place and Wiesbaden is only two points behind in third place. The decision is therefore postponed for the time being and will not be made until the last match day, on Saturday, March 18. There it goes against the TuS Niederjosbach in the Taunusgymnasium.