Platform Diving

Diving is fun, but it is also a technically demanding water sport. The aim is to dive into the water from different heights using different techniques – as precisely and elegantly as possible. Diving has been offered at FVV for several years.


Wednesday, 20:00 – 22:00

Hallenbad Höchst
Melchiorstraße 21
65929 Frankfurt am Main


Anyone who wants to dive, anyone interested in finding out how to do it and anyone who just wants to have a bit of fun can join in.

Swimming trunks, towel and FVV membership card to be presented at the ticket counter. If you are not yet a member, please contact the section coordinator so that we can grant you access to the pool.

The basic FVV membership fee covers all trainer costs; admission to the pool is also free. Before we ask you to join, you can come along three times free of charge and without obligation – just to try it out. In addition to the basic membership fee, there are also reduced fees (e.g. for students), and also temporary memberships. As a member, you can also take part in all other surcharge-free sports in the FVV.

Training is offered at every session. In addition, in cooperation with the FVV trampoline gymnasts, there is the possibility to practise and learn the diving movements on the trampoline on Fridays.

There is the possibility to take part in smaller competitions or even the Hessian or German Masters.

Contact person: Martin