While sailing used to be of great importance for business and trade, today it is practiced more as a competitive or recreational activity. Sailing is a fascinating sport that stimulates body and mind and yet is pure relaxation in the end.

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As there is only little chance to sail on the river Main or on a lake near Frankfurt our small group of sailors are going to arrange one to two annual sailing trips in Europe. We don`t have our own boat so we charter one for one to two weeks.

Anyone interested in water sports and team sports is welcome to participate. Yep, you’re reading it right … on the yawls we’ll be workin’ hard in teams of two or three, and on the yachts we’ll be taking it easy with good cuisine and excellent wine. No prerequisites are required – you don’t even have to be able to swim – we have a boat, remember? Previously the non-swimmers were not always welcome, but hey, who better will defend the ship with more élan and commitment?

You can participate on this charter events as member of the FVV. You don ́t need to have a license for sailing. If you would like to prepare for a license this charter will be a good training for you, or if you already have a license you will be trained to get more experience. We are allowed to register the miles you did on the charter for your application of the SKS license.

Good spirits, a desire to be a part of a team, suitable attire according to the weather (sun or rain), a bathing suit, suntan lotion and most importantly, shoes that do not rub off their color(s) and are not treated (that could pick up small stones and pebbles).

There are charter fees and the costs for traveling to, hotel, food, etc. at the various sailing destinations. As we sail in groups, the costs are split making it all more affordable. As a member of FVV you can also participate in all other surcharge-free sports of the club.

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