Imagine being on the open sea, surrounded by clear, splashing water that glistens in the sun as the salty sea breeze gently blows through your hair. You’ll sit aboard an elegant yacht rocking gently on the waves, feeling the mighty power of the wind singing in the sails. This is sailing, a world full of adventure and freedom just waiting to be explored by you.

Sailing is much more than just an activity; it is a lifestyle, a passion that offers not only challenge and experience, but also the chance to discover the unknown, to discover oneself.

Are you curious about what a sailing trip at the FVV looks like or would you like to exchange ideas with like-minded people? Then come to our FVV sailing meeting! More about this under places and times 😉

We are looking for more skippers for 2024 who would like to lead a ship with a crew, for example in flotilla sailing.

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Our sailing community meets about quarterly to share our knowledge and passion for sailing. These regular meetings serve to make new friends, discuss sailing techniques and plan upcoming sailing trips. Once or twice a year we go on a one-week sailing trip.

The next FVV-Sailing-Meeting:


on 19th of June2024
at 19.00
Daheim im Lorsbacher Thal
Große Rittergasse 49, 60594 Frankfurt am Main


I am looking forward to getting to know you and would be happy to receive a short registration by email.

Whether you are a light sailor, mermaid, pirate or experienced sea dog, everyone is welcome here. You don’t need a sailing license and you don’t have to be a navigation genius. Our community opens its arms to all those who love the sea and adventure. No matter where you are on your sailing journey, we are ready to step into the waters together with you and share the art of sailing.

Good mood, team spirit, suitable clothing, swimming trunks, sunscreen and suitable shoes that do not damage the surface of the boat.

In addition to the monthly FVV basic fee, there are also the individual costs of each trip, such as travel expenses, boat charter and meals.

As a member, you can also participate in most of the other more than 20 sports in the FVV.

We don’t have regular training. The necessary knowledge will be imparted to you during the sailing trip. You will learn everything you need directly on site, step by step. And don’t worry – these skills are learnable by anyone.

We are already planning for 2024. If you are interested, just contact

Contact person: Florian