Squash is a fast backstroke sport played in a (glass) court. With some feel for the ball, squash can be learned relatively quickly. But to get to league level, you need training and routine, because the three main pillars of squash are crucial for success: precision, fitness and game idea.


Tuesday: 20:00 – 22:00
Friday: 18:00 – 20:00

Makkabi Tennis & Squash Park
Ginnheimer Landstraße 49
60487 Frankfurt

Public Transport: Tram 16, Bus 34, „Markuskrankenhaus“ stop

Everyone is welcome! We play mixed. In principle, training is open to all FVV members. Regular participation in training is not compulsory, but it promotes your sporting fitness and the socializing.

We are still quite a small department in the FVV, but this also has the advantage that we all know each other well and enjoy meeting before and after training. Especially people who are new to Frankfurt quickly find new acquaintances in addition to sporting activities with us. But of course we are also active in the club and, together with other members of the FVV, take part in the pride parade, participate in the “Run for More Time” or are present at street festivals and many other activities.

The playing level of the current about 20 members ranges from beginner (D level) to advanced (B / A level). So don’t think twice about whether your playing skills are suitable – just come along for a free trial session. We look forward to meeting you – no matter whether you have previous experience or not! It’s best to contact us beforehand so that we can give you the best possible welcome.

Light-coloured or non-marking indoor shoes must be worn on the court. You can borrow a racket from us or from the center. If you like the sport, it is advisable to buy your own racket – you can buy one for around 30 EUR.

The first three trial sessions are free of charge and without obligation. If you then decide to become a member, the regular yearly membership fee at FVV Squash is 552 EUR and the reduced fee is 420 EUR. (equivalent to 46€ / reduced 35€ monthly)

There is also a one-off admission fee of 25€.

The membership is to be paid half-yearly, you can finish the membership only at the end of the year.

There are additional costs for the coach of approx. 20-30 EUR per participant per month, which are paid directly to the coach. We have trainer support on an average of 3 Tuesdays a month. It´s not mandatory to use ist, but it makes sense and is fun 🙂

The FVV Squash membership also includes membership of TuS Makkabi Frankfurt, which also owns the facility. This membership offers the great opportunity to book and use squash courts also on not scheduled days, free of charge and subject to availability.

In addition, with your FVV membership you can also participate in all other FVV sports that are surcharge-free.

Our training consists of free training without a coach and training sessions with a qualified coach.

The free training consists of normal play (e.g. matches according to competition rules) and free exercises. The number of courts and players available usually allows for a constant rotation, resulting in varied training sessions that are fun for everyone.

In the training sessions with a trainer, we do special technique and conditioning exercises in which strokes and running routes are specifically trained (additional costs from 10 to 20€/month). We have been coached by Joachim and Michael Gäde, qualified national league coaches, for many years.

In addition to regular training, we also organise special events – for example, we have already had a training camp with the Michael Gäde Squash Academy on Mallorca or a training camp with a British league player on Madeira.

We use a free sports app to organise the training (registrations and cancellations, coach presence, etc.).


We also participate in national and international LGBT*, fun and hobby tournaments. We have already won several medals for the FVV, from beginners (D-level) to experienced players (A-C level). At the tournaments, the focus is of course on the sport – but not only. Over the years, you get to know many players from other clubs as well, so it’s always great fun when you meet up – especially as most tournaments also offer an entertaining supporting program. Squash has also been an integral part of the club’s own FVV XMAS Tournament for many years.


Head of division: Frank
+49 (0) 176 – 38 53 86 64