Donate & support

Donate – the wise way to spend your money!

Support FVV and the community with a donation – large or small! Strong LGBT* communities help us fight for our rights in a publicly visible way. By donating you help ensure that we can continue standing up for equal rights – now and in the future. And provide young queer people in particular with a place where they can meet safely and without discrimination.

FVV is a non-profit organisation, which means that we can issue a receipt for every donation. You can submit this with your tax return. For amounts over 300 EUR you will automatically receive a donation receipt for the tax office at the beginning of the year following the donation.

When making a transfer, please be sure to include the reference “Donation” as well as your “Name” and “Address” so that we can send you the donation receipt. Please transfer the money to the following account:

Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822
IBAN: DE76 5005 0201 0000 4312 96
VAT ID: DE197498969

Passive membership – no sports, but all the FVV benefits!

Maybe you don’t want – or don’t have the possibility – to actively participate in sports at the moment, but you still want to be an FVV member and support our work on a regular basis? Then why not become a passive member! For as little as 8 EUR per month, you will receive a membership card and access to all the benefits and discounts. You will be able to attend all FVV events, participate in and vote at general meetings and be entitled to all discounts granted by companies.

Ongoing support – associate membership

Maybe you don’t want to participate in sports yourself, but you still want to support us on an ongoing basis? You can do that by becoming an associate member. For an annual membership fee of 50 EUR or more you can help to maintain our discrimination-free sports environment for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals and intersexuals (in short, for the entire rainbow crowd!). Of course, you will also receive a donation receipt for your contribution.