Just under 30 different sports with more than 2,000 sporting events a year. Sport is the key to a healthier life. It can increase your well-being, improve general health, strengthen muscles, ensure good posture, optimise appearance, promote stamina, boost the immune system and – if ever necessary – also improve your mood.

With almost 1,000 members, FVV is one of the largest sports clubs in the Rhine-Main region. We offer informal recreational sports for amateur athletes, but we also have league and competition matches for those who are looking for more of a sporting challenge.

In addition to “classics” such as volleyball, swimming, badminton, dancing and football, FVV also offers sports that you would not immediately expect to find in such a club, such as shooting, rowing or boxing, and sports that are rarely offered in the Frankfurt area, such as sailing and trampolining. The swimming section even includes the sub-sections “Synchronised swimming” and “Diving”.

Here are a few tips if you’re considering joining:

  • Before your first visit, we ask you to contact the respective section coordinator.
  • You can take part in three training sessions before we ask you to become a member.
  • As a full member you can participate in most of our sports. For some sports, e.g. boxing, squash, dancing, tennis and rowing, there is a surcharge. In addition, membership for tennis or squash can only be cancelled at the end of the year.