Online sport

Registration is open, start on February 1.

Our online workout is a full-body fitness workout suitable for all ages and ability levels. The training times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday, starting always at 19:00 hrs. To participate in the online workout, use the “SportMember” app and sign up.


Here’s how it works: just download the app and sign up. As soon as we have verified your membership, you will be added to the team “FVV Onlinetraining” and you will see the schedule for the training dates. This is where you book your participation. The online training itself takes place via the Zoom platform and you can also participate via tablet or PC. As a team member, the dial-in link for Zoom is visible in the comment field. Basic information about online training via Zoom: When participating, the camera must be turned on and the participant must be visible. The minimum number of participants is three and the event will only take place if enough participants have registered by 17:30 hrs. For a start on time, please be dialed in by 18:55 hrs.