Our Club

Why we’re proud to be just as we are. The emancipation of lesbian and gay athletes began in the mid-1980s. This happened because exclusion and discrimination were the order of the day in conventional sports clubs and so we decided to take our fate into our own hands. Gay and lesbian sports clubs were founded all over Western Europe, which finally allowed us to play in an environment free of prejudice. That was the beginning of the gay/lesbian sports movement and Frankfurt was quick to follow suit in 1985 when FVV was founded.

Today, FVV has almost 1,000 members and we are one of the largest LGBT* sports clubs in Europe – and one of the largest recreational sports clubs in the Rhine-Main area. We offer relaxed recreational sports for amateur athletes, but also cater for those who are looking for a slightly greater sporting challenge in local leagues and competitions.

But we will never forget our roots as an LGBT* sports club, because even today it remains important to call out unequal treatment, to demand fair participation, to fight prejudice and to offer a safe, discrimination-free space for all those who want or need it. And so, within the framework of our group, our aim is to have fun, cultivate friendships, look out for each other and, if need be, also to provide protection.