Membership types

Different life circumstances require flexible memberships – FVV offers a range of different membership types: choose the one that suits you!

Full membership

Our basic offer is “full membership” for 14 EUR per month. For this membership fee, you can participate in all training sessions without restrictions – with the exception of boxing, squash, dancing, tennis and rowing, which are subject to an additional fee. For these sports you have to pay a little more. As a full member you can also represent your interests at the FVV general meeting.

Full membership with reduced membership fee

This is available to all pupils, students, trainees, job seekers, pensioners, people on basic income support and people with disabilities (from 50% disability): a reduced membership fee of 8 EUR. Corresponding proof must be submitted with the application by e-mail. Any supplementary fees are not discounted.

Passive membership – no sports, but all the FVV benefits

Maybe you don’t want, or don’t have the possibility, to actively participate in sports at the moment, but you still want to be an FVV member and regularly support our work morally and financially? Then why not become a passive member? For as little as 8 EUR per month you will receive a membership card and access to all the benefits and advantages. You will be able to attend all FVV events, participate in and vote at general meetings and be entitled to all discounts granted by companies.

Loyal support – associate membership

Maybe you don’t want to participate in the sports yourself, but you still want to support us on an ongoing basis? You can do so by signing up as an associate member. Starting with an annual membership fee of at least 50 EUR you can help to maintain our discrimination-free sports environment for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals and intersexuals (in short: the entire rainbow crowd). Of course, you will also receive a donation receipt for your contribution.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new member of the FVV!