Club life

Our club thrives on participation. FVV offers a huge programme with over 2,000 sporting fixtures a year, including many events organised by the club itself. We participate in community events, are active in numerous committees and associations and also support social projects. However, FVV is not a commercial enterprise, and we as members do not view ourselves as customers, but as part of a community. As such, we can only offer the programme by realising our own projects: that we devise ourselves, that we organise ourselves, that we implement ourselves. Our community, our club, even our individual sports sections only function with the strong commitment of volunteers and their willingness to put in extra work.

We are very happy that this works so well in our club. Hundreds of us put in tens of thousands of volunteer hours every year – because it helps our community, because it’s fun and because it’s simply good for the soul.

Want to be a part of it too? No problem – there is a lot to do and each helping hand, each additional skill and each new idea makes us better and moves us forward!

You can get involved and help shape our work in these areas:

  • Executive board member / Trainee / Board advisor
  • Division head / Deputy division head
  • Trainer
  • Event coordinator or hall manager
  • Involvement in working groups
  • Helpers at festivals, parties and events

Don’t hesitate! Contact our board, the division heads or working groups!