Golf is not only a sport that challenges the entire musculoskeletal system for many hours, but is also mentally and emotionally demanding. Concentration, patience and persistence over a long period of time are rewarded with great satisfaction and joy when it’s on. Part of the overall experience, of course, is walking ten to twelve kilometers in the fresh air when it takes three to five hours over a full round of 18 holes, enjoying magnificent, sometimes spectacular views and plenty of nature, depending on the location of the course. It is simply a sport that can quickly become addictive – a little ball, a lot of fascination.


We offer trial courses at regular intervals on a course in the vicinity of Frankfurt. The course, which lasts around two hours, is aimed at golf novices. Special equipment is just as little necessary as previous knowledge. Comfortable, sporty clothing and normal sports shoes are sufficient for the time being and clubs are also provided. A golf instructor – called a “pro” – explains the basics and gives a brief insight into the rules and regulations, then the course starts. The instructor demonstrates how to putt, i.e. how to get the ball into the hole with short strokes, and the others try it out. The long shots also get a turn. To do this, they go to the “driving range” – standing in a row, they hit balls into the wide green. The pro explains the technique, gives tips and helps with corrections. If you are interested and would like to learn more about the conditions, please contact us. If you are already a passionate golfer and are looking for contacts to other members, please contact us as well! We will introduce you to each other!