Sport of the month

Acrobatics is one of the oldest forms of sport and artistic performance that we know. In the 80’s and 90’s of the 20th century, classical acrobatics developed into a recreational sport that combines traditional elements with modern ideas and exercises from the fields of yoga, fitness and weight training.

The FVV now offers a fun and sporty form of acrobatics, where the aim is to work out extraordinary and visually impressive figures with skill, technique and body awareness. For this purpose, partner acrobatic techniques are taught in training, movement sequences, so-called flows, are rehearsed and new exercises are worked on together.

The really challenging thing about acrobatics, however, is that success does not depend solely on one’s own strength or skill, but on the successful interaction of all participants. Building a figure only works if you trust each other and can rely on each other blindly. So acrobatics not only trains motor skills, strength and agility, but also requires special skills in terms of concentration, willpower, courage and mental fitness.

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