Plenty of sports – Plenty of community – Small fee. If you join FVV, you will find countless opportunities to play different sports, but we also offer a strong sense of community – and especially people who are new to Frankfurt will quickly find new acquaintances and friends while playing sports.

Here are a few tips regarding membership:

  • First find out about the different types of membership we offer.
  • Before registering, please always contact the division head of your favorite sport first and arrange a free test training.
  • Initially, you can only register for one sport. If you are a member, a change of division or participation in more than one sport is possible at any time (if necessary, observe special deadlines, surcharges and capacities).
  • Even though we were founded as a gay sports club, everyone is welcome! Please note, however, that we attach great importance to our history and expect every new member to respect our values and rules!
  • Once you become a member and receive your ID card, you can also take advantage of all the discounts and benefits that are granted to us by companies and institutions.
  • And if at any time you wish to leave FVV, please note that you have to give proper notice and respecting the deadlines.