Competitive Shooting

Shooting is a precision sport which is less about muscular strength and more about concentration, perception and endurance. The aim of shooting is to hit the centre of a target by harmonising the body (weight distribution and body control) and mind (inner calm and control over external influences). This requires physical and mental training.


The FVV Shooting section is offered in cooperation with Niederräder Sportschützenverein Oberst Schiel 1902 e.V. The club is located in Carl-von-Weinberg-Park in Frankfurt-Niederrad.

Every Tuesday from 17:30 to approx. 19:00
and additionally
the last Friday of every month from 17:30 to approx. 19:00.

Niederräder Sportschützenverein
Oberst Schiel 1902 e.V.
Golfstraße 17, 60528 Frankfurt.

Public transport: Tram 21 to the last stop “Oberforsthaus” or S7, S8, S9 to the station “Niederrad”.

Anyone who is interested in shooting can join. In principle, training is open to all members and interested parties.

Our cooperation partner provides the technical equipment. “Oberst Schiel” provides the club’s own pistols and rifles. We also provide the pellets (ammunition) needed for air rifles and air pistols. No special clothing is necessary. Casual leisure/sportswear and flat sneakers or sports shoes for secure footing are an advantage.

You can participate in FVV shooting for the basic fee. In addition, there is a charge of 5 EUR / 500 pellets as well as 0.50 EUR per training session for practice targets.

– Air rifle 10m
– Air pistol 10m
– Short indoor rifle / gallery rifle 15m

We also take part in various LGBT* and regular national and international tournaments.

Head of division: Andreas
+49 (0) 175 – 59 89 136