Volleyball is the founding sport of the FVV and still one of the largest divisions. As a team sport, we are always happy to welcome new players. In the FVV, we play volleyball at different levels, from recreational sports to league participation – we are happy to help those interested to find suitable dates according to the level of play.

Our beginner course is currently fully booked. Unfortunately, we cannot accept newcomers.

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There is no play/ training sessions in the sports halls on public holidays and during school holidays. Depending on availability, the division will organize beach volleyball courts in summertime and/ or sports halls for the holidays.


The training of the teams takes place on the following weekdays.

If you are interested in volleyball and you already have some volleyball experience, the following dates are interesting:

MONDAYS: Open play – without training for advanced levels (A, B and C)

Time: 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m
Coach: Norman

Location: Helmholtz-Gymnasium (sports hall)
Habsburgerallee 57-59, 60385 Frankfurt
(entrance to the hall is in the courtyard behind the school, down the stairs)

Public transport: U7 to station “Habsburgerallee”.
Car: Parking spaces are only available to a limited extent in the residential area.

THURSDAYS: Training League Team Level B- “MAINBALL FRANKFURT” & Level C “Galaxy” 

Time: 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m
Coaches: Sebastian und Erik

Location: Sports hall IGS 15 (Area of Karl-Oppermann-Schule),
Gotenstraße 38, 65929 Frankfurt

Public Transport: S-Bahn S1 and S2 to the “Höchst Bahnhof” stop, from there it is a 10-minute walk in the direction of Klinikum Höchst (hospital).
Car: Parking spaces are available in the school yard.

Are you interested in volleyball but don’t have any experience yet? So the following date is interesting for you:

WEDNESDAYS: Technique & beginner training, basics

Time: 8:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m
Coach: BO

Place: Goethe-Gymnasium (upper sports hall)
Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 24, 60325 Frankfurt
(access via Erlenstraße)

Public Transport: Tram 16 and 17 to “Hohenstauffenstraße” stop.
Car: There are no parking spaces.

The following trainings are available exclusively for team members:

TUESDAYS: Training league team level A “Mainpower” & level B+ “MainOtter” (district league+ level)

Time: 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m
Trainer: James

Place: Sports hall of the branch of the Berta-Jourdan-Schule
(formerly Glauburgschule)
Lenaustrasse 64-68, 60318 Frankfurt, Germany
(Entrance to the hall in Lenaustraße)

Public Transport: U5 direction “Preungesheim”, stop “Glauburgstraße” or tram 12 and 18, as well as bus 30, stop “Rohrbachstraße/ Friedberger Landstraße”
Car: The sports hall is located in the residential area. There is mostly resident parking. Free parking spaces are difficult to find.

WEDNESDAYS: Training “FVV FRANKFURT” league team HVV

For this season we have registered a HVV team in the district league.

Time: 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m
temporary Coach: BO

Place: Goethe-Gymnasium (upper sports hall)
Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 24, 60325 Frankfurt
(access via Erlenstraße)

Public Transport: Tram 16 and 17 to “Hohenstauffenstraße” stop.
Car: There are no parking spaces.

BEACHVOLLEYBALL in summer holidays

This year the beach volleyball offer was very well received. Therefore, the volleyball department plans to be able to offer this again for 2023.

Address: Rebstöcker Weg 17, 60489 Frankfurt am Main

Car: Parking spaces are available on the premises of the TGS Vorwarts.
Public transport: Bus line M34 or M72 stop Parkweg or S Bahn S3, S4 or S5 stop Frankfurt Rödelheim.
If you would like to play volleyball with us outdoors, please contact us.
Volleyball is the founding sport of the FVV and the department is still dominated by gay men. Everyone else who is open, has team spirit and already knows the basics of volleyball is very welcome.
If you would like to come by for the first time, please contact us in advance, this will make it easier to get started and we will ensure that the trainers or those responsible for the appointment are optimally prepared for your first training session.
Do you want to play volleyball again, you have played volleyball in the past and know how to bump or set? Then feel free to contact us. We will find for you an appointment where you are welcome to join a trial session. You will have the opportunity to take part in three trial training sessions without obligation.



We do not offer training for children and young people.


We do not offer purely women’s training sessions and teams, but it is possible to take part in our other training sessions. You are very welcome.


Sports clothing (shorts and T-shirt), sports shoes designed for inside “gym play” are required (no street shoes). Knee protectors are recommended. Nets and balls are provided by FVV. Good spirits and a love of the game also help immensely! Before playing/training, please remove all types of jewelry: this minimizes the risk of injury.

The basic fee covers all hall and coach costs. The club also provides balls. Before we approach you about membership, you can participate three times without obligation and just try it out. In addition to the affordable membership fee, there are also reduced fees, e.g. for students, and also temporary memberships. Furthermore, as a member you can also participate in all other surcharge-free sports of the club.

League team members and fun tournament players pay their travel costs and team uniforms themselves. FVV pays the participation fees for the league tournaments.

Training is offered – for dates and sessions see “schedule”.

Members of the league teams travel to and play in the schwul-lesbische Volleyball Liga e.V. league tournaments.

We offer volleyball as part of the annual FVV XMAS Tournament and we offer also interested players the opportunity to play in fun tournaments of associated clubs in/outside Germany.


If you have any questions or are unclear, we are at your disposal:

Head of division: Norman
+49 (0) 151 27 56 56 26

Please note that you need to register with us in advance for your visit. In this way we can ensure that the respective trainer is informed about your visit.