Exercise is the key to a healthier life. Fitness, strength and mobility training increase well-being, improve general health, strengthen muscles, ensure good posture, optimize appearance, promote endurance, strengthen the immune system and enhance your mental well-being.


Our fitness programmes are ideal for countering job-related inactivity and monotonous movement patterns. They have a beneficial effect on back problems and help reduce stress and tension.

The FVV basic fee covers all hall and coaching costs. Before you have to pay membership, you can stop by three times for free and without obligation and simply try it out. In addition to the standard membership fee, there are also reduced fees, e.g. for students. and temporary memberships. As a member, you can also take part in all other FVV sports (except those with a surcharge).

The sports halls are closed on public holidays and during the school holidays. For details, see the individual courses.

Friday, 19:30 – 21:30
Coach: Wolfgang

Heinrich-von-Gagern-Schule (sports hall)
Bernhard-Grzimek-Allee 6
60316 Frankfurt

Public transport: U6 or U7 to stop “Zoo” or by tram 11 or 14 or regional “S-Bahn” to “Ostendstraße”.

There is no training on public holidays or during the school holidays.

Gymnastics is the best way to counterbalance everyday stress, and the Friday course is the ideal way to start the weekend. Course schedule: starts with posture, breathing and centering, intensive stretching, relaxed walking and body coordination, continues with discrete and combined exercises involving fast walking and loosening of the pelvis, floor exercises and relaxation, the program is accompanied by music.

Indoor shoes and comfortable sportswear are sufficient, with tracksuit bottoms in winter.


Monday, 20:00 – 22:00
Coach: Johnny

Bonifatiusschule (sports hall)
Hamburger Allee 43
60486 Frankfurt

Public transport: Tram 16 or 17 to stop “Varrentrappstraße”.

There are no courses on public holidays or during the school holidays. In July / August we combine jogging with short gymnastic exercises in Grüneburgpark when the weather is good.

Procedure: 15 min. warm-up by running alternating with push-ups, 20–30 min. fitness. Main part: approx. 1 hour of gymnastics exercises, followed by stretching / relaxation.

Indoor shoes and comfortable sportswear are sufficient, tracksuit bottoms in winter.



Wednesday, 19:00 – 20:30
Coach: Ralph

Meeting point
In the Grüneburgpark, corner Siesmayerstraße/Grüneburgweg.

Public transport: U6 or U7 to station “Westend”, exit “Siesmayerstraße” or bus 36 to stop “Palmengarten”.

Nordic walking is ideal for strengthening the back muscles. Healthy muscles are the best way to prevent back problems. The long-term goal of Nordic walking is to keep the poles under close control in every situation. Depending on the fitness and ability of each individual Nordic walker, there are different goals in terms of terrain and training requirements. It only gets truly rewarding when Nordic walking becomes second nature through appropriate training; the desired success will then come by itself.

Anyone can take part. The Nordic “ALFA” technique includes the basics for functional and effective Nordic walking that strengthens the back. A video that introduces the Nordic ALFA technology can be viewed HERE

Equipment: sports shoes and sportswear for all weathers. Preferably a belt with a drinks bottle. Nordic walking poles can be borrowed from the trainer free of charge during trial sessions. Do not rush to buy Nordic walking poles, test them out with us beforehand!

We organize day trips into the countryside around Frankfurt three to four times a year. These will be announced in good time on the homepage and by email.

Tuesday, 20:00 – 22:00
Coach: N.N.

Small hall of the Wöhlerschule, entrance to the hall via a side street / dead end off Marbachweg between No. 308 and 310, 60320 Frankfurt. Meet between 19:30 and 19:45. After 20:00 door is locked and there is no access to the hall.

There is no training on public holidays or during the school holidays.

No previous knowledge is required – our programme of back exercises is suitable for everyone. We offer intensive full-body training with a focus on back exercises and exercises involving intensive stretching and strengthening. This also helps build up stamina. Normal indoor sportswear is sufficient.


Monday & Thursday, 19:00 – 20:30
Teachers: Katrin, Rolf and Wolfgang

Monday: Sports hall of the Carl-Schurz-Schule / Holbeinstraße 21 – 23, 60596 Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen. Public transport: U1, 2, 3 or U8 to station “Schweizer Platz”, Tram 15 or 16 to stop “Otto-Hahn-Platz”.

Thursday: Gymnastics room of the Linnéschule, Linnéstraße 18-20, 60385 Frankfurt. Public transport: U4 to stop “Höhenstraße”, tram 14 to stop “Freiligrathstraße”.

There is no training on public holidays or during the school holidays. During the summer holidays we offer outdoor yoga in Grüneburgpark; the section coordinator can provide more information.

We offer classic hatha yoga according to Swami Sivandanda: initial relaxation, breathing exercises, postures, final relaxation (possibly a little meditation). There is only one group that is suitable for beginners, but this is also relevant and effective for those with previous experience. In principle, it is suitable for everyone who is stressed and looking to find a gentle balance for the body, mind and soul.

Equipment: Indoor shoes and comfortable sportswear, possibly tracksuit bottoms in winter. A blanket for the final relaxation and a yoga mat.


Head of divison: Günter
+49 (0) 179 – 69 10 454