FVV Badminton achieves its goal for the season!

(UB) Strong clubs in the B-class of the district league indicated at the beginning of the season that it would not be easy for our team. The primary goal was therefore a stable appearance and securing league. As it turned out, that was hard enough – the group proved extremely challenging. At the end of the season, the league wobbled. The last two match days would bring the decision.
However, against the table first, TuS Schwanheim, who were unbeaten in the entire season, they didn’t expect any great chances, but the hard-fought and extremely close 3:5 defeat felt almost like a small victory and gave a powerful tailwind for the last matchday . Everything was then thrown into the season finale against BV Frankfurt and in the end – at least on paper – there was a resounding victory: a clear 8:0! But what seemed like an easy walkthrough wasn’t. Both sides fought with passion, concentrated and committed. Whoever was on a break cheered and clapped. The last match of the day was particularly intense, and it felt like it took the longest to decide – team captain Arnim won it for FVV in the end.