Dancing in the FVV – that is pure joy of life!

(ub) Anyone who clings to old prejudices about standard dancing and therefore doesn’t try it out would be missing out. Because for the members of the department, dancing is pure joie de vivre. The frozen fake smile that some may know from television does not exist here. These smiles are real, and you don’t see the effort, the concentration that makes it possible.

Claus has been dancing for about 30 years and came to Equality Dance in 2008. He finds it “wonderful,” that he can dance with a man here. After leading for so many years, he now enjoys the “following” role more. Oh yes, short explanation: In the “normal dance” the man always leads. Man/man and woman/woman, on the other hand, have to decide who leads. And another difference: “The Equality couple can switch roles in the middle of the Waltz or Cha-Cha-Cha,” explains coach Norman. “Is incredibly fun and is the big eye-catcher for the audience.”

Sounds hard? Yes, but it can be learned. With Norman, who has been one of the trainers since 2016, and with Thorsten, who just started as the second dance instructor in January. You’re in good hands with them, because they’ve both been doing the sport for decades and understand their dance craft. A new workshop has also just started. Foxtrot and Jive. “Newcomers are welcome in this inclusive troupe,” says Thorsten. Workshops always on Mondays, also to sniff for non-members.

By the way, Thorsten distributed cards to the group for his debut, for suggestions and wishes. All have discussed them engaged. Afterwards, the training continued and the dancing and laughing continued. Pure joy of life.

All information about dancing and the contact to the department management can be found here and in the gallery you can find current pictures from the training!