Towards the sky – Trampolining is our sport of the month

This sport has been offered at the FVV for over ten years. Not many clubs in the Rhine-Main area have this sport in their program and even less for adult beginners! Fortunately, with André, the long-time division head and coach, we have a former competitive athlete in the club who has a B-trainer license and is happy to pass on his knowledge. The special thing about this sport is quickly summed up: trampolining is a workout for the whole body – from head to toe, every muscle is addressed and trained. The constant accelerating, decelerating, correcting and tensing of the muscles is an intensive workout. Five minutes on the trampoline and you’re out of breath, but it’s also incredibly fun.

In the FVV it is more the idea of popular sports that drives us. The weekly one and a half hour training includes learning single jumps and whole jump combinations, in the recurring short weightlessness. Those who want to participate in a competition will also be prepared for it. Would you like to try it out? Those interested in this exciting sport are always welcome. Information about the training times and the contact to the division head can be found here.