Table tennis is the FVV sport of the month

Compared to footballs, volleyballs or the similarly small squash ball, the table tennis ball, with its 40 mm diameter but barely 3 grams of weight, is certainly the most filigree. But that doesn’t matter, not at all.

Matthias, the contact person for table tennis and a member of the FVV for about 10 years, describes it this way: “Table tennis is not as testosterone as other sports that demand physical commitment in the fight for the ball.” In table tennis, he says, everyone just has their side at the plate. In this sport, it’s much more about concentration, fitness and technique.

Matthias has been playing table tennis since his school days. The FVV training once a week fits well into his life today. Here, he says, it’s “just for fun” to play, to find and maintain friendships. Andy is more ambitious in sports and therefore plays in another club too. But there he doesn’t advertise his sexuality to the world. That’s why the FVV was and is so important to him. “Six years ago, I was not as relaxed about my sexuality as I am today. That’s when I immediately felt comfortable here.” He says it’s nicer when you can also talk about private things and your partnership, as in the FVV.

Table tennis is not (yet) one of the larger sports in the FVV, but there is a stable core and a noticeably growing interest in the sport. Newcomers are very welcome, including beginners, and a trial session is allowed and encouraged. The atmosphere is relaxed. Nothing has to be done. Matthias says, “The most important thing is to have fun and learn to control the ball.” Small ball, big fun, that is.

If you’d like to join or check it out, you’ll find all the info here and a few pictures from the training here.