40 years of Artemis Sport Frankfurt – congratulations!

As the largest women’s sports club in Hesse and one of the oldest women’s and lesbian sports clubs in Germany, Artemis is a significant part of the Frankfurt community and immensely important for civil society in our region. Artemis is dedicated to the development and promotion of a women-oriented sports and exercise culture and was founded in 1984 by seven female handball players. They no longer wanted to submit to traditional, hierarchical club structures. The histories of Artemis and FVV are closely interwoven – as early as 1993 there was a joint information stand at the first CSD, in 1995 we were jointly responsible for organizing the EuroGames III, many joint appearances at Gay Games and EuroGames followed and for many years we provided a joint team in the Hessian Badminton League. We have also shared an office since 2020. To mark its 40th anniversary, Artemis hosted a ceremony at the Historical Museum. The highlight of the event was certainly the unveiling of the Artemis club showcase in the “Buergerstadt” gallery in the permanent exhibition. We at the FVV say “Congratulations”!