FVV soccer teams play for “Remembrance and Diversity”

As part of the “Intercultural Week of the City of Mainz”, a small field soccer tournament took place on September 19, in which our FVV soccer players also participated. The organizer of the tournament was the socially engaged soccer club “FC Ente Bagdad” and the Mainz Sinti and Roma team, the Uganda team, the SV Darmstadt 98 integration team, footballers from Team Maccabi Germany and many more were in the game.

The atmosphere was great, the FVV team was warmly welcomed and in bright sunshine they played against each other on the small field. In the end, the Sinti and Roma team won the tournament.

In addition to the soccer, there was a colorful supporting program; numerous interviews were conducted on stage with key players of the Mainz alliance and the panel discussion “Welcome to Football” shed light on how diversity in sports can succeed.

You can find more pictures here.