Our golf group will start this summer

Already announced at the general assembly – the preparations for our golf group are in full swing. A first trial course is planned for August / September at a course near Frankfurt, probably Bad Vilbel. The approximately two-hour event is aimed at golf novices. Special equipment is just as unnecessary as previous knowledge. Comfortable, sporty clothing and normal sports shoes are sufficient for the time being and rackets are also provided. A golf instructor – called “Pro” – explains the basics and gives a brief insight into the rules, then it’s off to the outside. The teacher shows how to “putt”, i.e. bring the ball into the hole with short strokes, the others try it out. The long hits are also important. To do this, you go to the “Driving range” – standing in a row, balls are hit into the wide green. The pro explains the technique, gives tips and corrects. If you are interested and want to know more about the conditions, contact Sascha sport@fvv.org. If you are already a passionate golfer and are looking for contacts with other members, get in touch too! We’ll introduce you to each other!

But what is so fascinating about golf? Uli Barths, our FVV editor, is a passionate golfer and describes his passion:

“I’m an avid, if not very good, golfer. But golf makes you happy. When the perfect shot is struck, it becomes the stuff of endless tales, each time making that one shot more fantastic. But golf can also infuriate you. When the perfect shot just doesn’t work out, but one ball after the other splashes into the water, disappears into the forest or, the shock subsides, just rolls a few meters. Then there are no stories, one is silent and digests. There is probably no golfer who has not already experienced both, often even on the same round, but the joy of the successful shots usually prevails. The others are simply an incentive to train a little more.

Golf is not only a game that demands the entire musculoskeletal system for many hours, but is also mentally and emotionally demanding. Concentration, patience and persistence over a long period of time are rewarded with great satisfaction and joy when things work out. When the ball surprisingly rolls straight into the hole, or when you suddenly hit the hole farther and more precisely than ever before. With the right attitude – a little composure and humility are just part of it – golf makes you satisfied, happy and relaxed. Of course, part of the overall experience is running ten to twelve kilometers in the fresh air when you complete a full round of 18 holes for three to five hours, and depending on the location of the course, enjoying magnificent, sometimes spectacular views and lots of nature can. It’s just a sport that can quickly become addictive – small ball, big fascination”.