The FVV swimming division: Three times successful

At the 5th Hamburg Queer Cup the team of the FVV could win numerous medals in the individual and relay classifications. For most of them it was the first competition after the pandemic and it was a great feeling to finally meet teams from Holland, Spain, Ireland, Denmark and many other countries again. Startschuss Hamburg hosted a great competition plus party and brunch and we thank the orga!

At the same time, swimmers from Artemis and us were on the other end of the republic, crossing Lake Constance! It went from Konstanz to Meersburg and depending on the level it was 5 or 10km water distance. It was not the first time that we participated in this challenge, because for the participants it is always a great feeling to reach the finish line.

And thirdly, there were the German Masters in water diving in Heilbronn. Medal ranks were achieved there as well: Angelika: gold (tower) and silver (combination); Noffi: silver (1m) and gold (tower) and Wolfgang: 4x silver (1m/3m/ tower/combination)!

Congratulations to the successful team!