Join the FVV XMAS RainbowRun!

After a year’s forced break, the FVV XMAS tournament is back and this year on December 4 will again compete with four sports: Badminton, Squash, Volleyball and the 5 or 10 km RainbowRun.

While the starting places for indoor sports are limited, there is no upper limit for the RainbowRun. And in addition to the sporting aspect, the RainbowRun is also intended to set a colorful example against homophobia in sports and for an open and tolerant society.

Everyone is welcome at the RainbowRun of the FVV and it doesn’t matter if someone is a running beginner or a running pro. For this year’s RainbowRun, a varied 5 km course through the beautiful Frankfurt city forest in Frankfurt Goldstein has been selected (10 km = 2 laps). The course leads for the most part over paved, partly asphalted forest paths. The journey from the city center is comfortably possible by streetcar and also parking lots are sufficiently available.

At you can find the registration for the RainbowRun.