FVV wishes everyone a Happy New Year!

Nothing is simple any more. This is an immensely challenging time for many of us, but also for FVV itself. Our usual and cherished sports routine changed abruptly from one day to the next, many of our plans vanished into thin air, important plans had to be postponed or cancelled altogether, and we were surprised to find ourselves without many of our favourite events for the time being.

FVV was founded over 35 years ago out of a sense of defiance – we no longer wanted to accept others telling us whether we belonged or not. This is another reason why we feel sure we will be able to weather this latest challenge to our club.

Now a new year is beginning and we promise you: as soon as there is even the first hint of a loosening of the lockdown, we will be ready and waiting to get things started again for you. And of course we are already confidently starting the planning for our boat party, our participation in the open-air festivals and the XMAS tournament. And so we’re looking forward to 2021 with courage, confidence and your continued support!

Take care and stay healthy! Your FVV Executive Board