First find out about the different types of membership we offer. Before registering, please always contact the division head of your favorite sport first and arrange a free test training. Initially, you can only register for one sport. If you are a member, a change of division or participation in more than one sport is possible at any time (if necessary, observe special deadlines, surcharges and capacities).

To join the FVV, simply fill out the membership application below. At the time of your entry into the FVV, the amount for the upcoming months of the current half year is to be paid. The current month will be charged in full if you join up to and including the 15th calendar day.

Exceptions are squash and tennis, please ask the division head or the secretary in advance about the conditions.

If the membership fee is not debited from your own account, but from the account of another person, we need a signed declaration of consent from the account holder. Please send us this parallel to the registration by mail to

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