Powerful triple appearance at the Frankfurt Pride

Just a few years ago, many of us were convinced that full acceptance of queer life was only a matter of time. But far from it! Not only in many countries around the world, no even in the heart of Europe things are going backwards again at a rapid pace! All the more our presence at events like the Frankfurt Pride (CSD) is so immensely important. And we have received a lot of positive feedback for our committed and clearly visible presence. This credit goes above all to the many helpers who were always there with heart and soul, be it dancing and showing the flag at the parade, be it helping out at the drinks stand or working hard in the info tent, and that both in the early morning, in the midday glow and in the heat of the night. It’s a great feeling to be part of a community where we stand up for each other, but also think outside the box and advocate for social causes. Thank you! You can find many pictures in our gallery.