Hessian Masters Swimming Championships

On November 13, this year’s Masters Championships in Swimming took place in Gelnhausen. Our FVV swimmers were there with a small but very successful team. In total our team won three first and four second places. The Hessian championship titles were won in the 100m breaststroke, 100m backstroke and 100m medley.

The competition was well organized by the SV Gelnhausen and with 119 swimmers from 39 clubs and 423 single starts also well visited. For the federation it was an important sign to let the competition take place even under the currently challenging circumstances. However, the FVV was not only present at the competition itself, but also supported the organization with two judges. For the team it was the only competition this year, but the first dates in 2022 are already set and the training for this is already in full swing.