Members’ General Meeting not yet on September 23

We wanted to quickly implement the wish of the last general meeting for a face-to-face event – which would enable us to discuss new statutes and rules of procedure in detail in a personal exchange and then, if necessary, to pass them. But the announced date at the end of the month cannot be kept. On the one hand, additional questions have arisen during the final compilation of the texts, which we should still have legally examined, and on the other hand, the ‘Eighth General Decree of the City of Frankfurt’, which has just come into force, is still valid until September 16, which means that we cannot obtain a binding rental agreement for premises before September 17. This, in turn, makes dealing with, taking into account and meeting all deadlines more than difficult. However, we feel obliged to offer the members a proper meeting and therefore continue to work on a suitable date, benefiting from the good and expert preparatory work of the Statutes Working Group as well as the input of the members.