FVV is present at the Frankfurt CSD (Pride)

We have already achieved a lot in Germany, but we are still far from reaching our goal of making queer people completely equal under the law. And we also look beyond our national borders and see with great concern how governments in the heart of Europe question the way of life of queer people by law and want to abolish our rights. We must not look on speechlessly, but must be heard and seen:

On Saturday, July 17, the Frankfurt CSD will take place under the motto “Protect diversity by law. Not tomorrow, but now!” will take place. The event will start with a meeting at 11:30 on the Römerberg and afterwards there will be a protest march through the city center. We, as the largest organization of the Frankfurt community, will of course be there! Show your membership in the FVV with the “classic blue” shirt. Come by, join in and be loud!

FVV meeting point: From 11 am on the Römerberg. Look for the FVV shirts and the signs with our sports.