Trial sessions for table tennis and squash

On Tuesday, August 13 (postponed from August 6) at 19:15 hrs., the table tennis department is offering a “Trial Training & Basics Crash Course” at the Ludwig Richter School in Frankfurt. This involves practicing racket and body position as well as the first beginnings with the ball. You can register with Holger Please indicate whether you need a rental racket. Anyone interested in squash is invited to an open training session on Friday, August 18 at 18:00 hrs. If you have a feel for the ball or have experience with other backstroke sports, you can learn the basics of squash in a relatively short time. The open squash training is aimed at anyone who wants to get out their mothballed squash racket again, anyone who already has experience in other backstroke sports, but also anyone who simply wants to try out whether this sport is for them. Information and registration with Frank