Synchronized SwimmingSynchronschwimmen



8:00 - 9:45 p.m.  Every Wednesday except national or state holidays (we even practice during school vacation).


Riedbad, Fritz-Schubert-Ring 2, Frankfurt (Bergen-Eckheim). 


Must I attend training regularly?

Yes! This is very important


Who may attend?

Anyone who can swim and submerge to about 3.5 meters.  Musicality and flexibility are also helpful. 


What must I bring?

Swmming trunks and a nose clip (which can be purchased from the trainer). 


Training format

We train the techniques of synchonized swimming and choreography. 


Does it cost me any more than the basic FVV membership fee?

Additional costs may arise for performances (e.g., for an additional swimming suit).  All other costs are subsidized from member donations. 


Does the group also participate in tournaments and workshops?

During the last few years we have participated in the German "Masters" Championship competitions (non-gay) and the "Masters" workshop--we are the only male participants there and are well-received.  We make an effort to participate in the EuroGames, the GayGames and at other various competitions and show events. 



Division head:  Emanuel
Phone:  +49 (0) 69 - 670 10 58

"Be courageous and give it a try!  It's only exotic for the spectators..."


Synchronized Swimming pictures are HERE.

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