Triathlon is the combination of swimming, cycling and running. We train the different sports on different dates and swimming in cooperation with the FVV water athletes. At our club you can train all three disciplines, but also participate only in the individual offers!


*** Training has started again *** 

Anyone who enjoys running or cycling as individual disciplines or who would like to combine the three sports of running, swimming and cycling as a triathlon is welcome. We always choose the speed for running and cycling so that everyone can keep up. If there are enough participants, groups with different speeds can also be formed. For swimming, there are different ability groups, but no courses for non-swimmers.

We also take part in competitions – both in triathlon and in the individual disciplines. We also take part in the FVV XMAS Tournament. To participate in official competitions of the German Triathlon Union and the Hessian Triathlon Association, a licence is required and can be applied for through the FVV. Competitors without a licence can purchase a day licence at their own expense.

Before we approach you about membership, you can join three times without obligation and just try it out. In addition to the basic membership fee, there are also reduced fees, e.g. for students and also temporary memberships. As a member, you can also participate in all other FVV surcharge-free sports. When cycling, costs may arise for necessary journeys by public transport and for food and drink on the way. Entry fees for competitions are to be paid by the participants themselves.


We run on every time of the year, even the weather is bad. Further dates on announcement.

Monday, 19:30
Meeting point:
Ignatz Bubis Brücke
Schöne Aussicht, 60311 Frankfurt
opposite the Literaturhaus.

We run an easy 10 – 11 km loop along the Main in about an hour.
The route in spring and summer: Up the Main to Offenbach harbour and back (route).
The route in autumn and winter: Down the Main to Frankfurt’s Westhafen (route).
To the city map.

As there are no changing facilities on site, you should come directly to the meeting point in running clothes suitable for the respective weather conditions.

At the moment we do not offer road race cycling! Please check back here soon or ask the head of division!

In planning: We ride with group leader about four to six hours. You need a racing or triathlon bike and suitable clothing for the weather conditions. In principle, a bicycle helmet (according to EU standards) must be worn on all rides. In winter and in the dark you need a proper lighting.


Welcome all who enjoy cycling and cycling tours. We ride with a group leader, but without a coach. On the tours we ride at a speed that everyone can keep up with. We also have longer breaks with refreshments, so that the sociability does not come too short.

In the summer half-year (from April to October) we undertake bicycle tours of between 40 and 90 kilometers, mainly in the Rhine-Main area. The routes are quite different: often flat, then sometimes hilly, but also mountainous.

You will need a bicycle, suitable clothing for the weather and something to drink in between. A bicycle helmet according to EU standards must be worn on all rides.

You can find the bike tour schedule for this year below. You can also call the sport contact person to find out about the next date. We meet 15 minutes before the start at the information desk of the respective station. If you are taking the train from the main station, please register in advance!


Swimming takes place in cooperation with the FVV swimming division. Please contact the head of division for more information.

With the RainbowRun, which takes place as part of the annual XMAS Tournament, we want to set a colorful example against homophobia in sports and for an open and tolerant society. The 5k course leads through the Stadtwald in Frankfurt-Goldstein (10k = 2 laps). You can find more information at


Radtouren nur 2021

Head of Triathlon division and
contact person for running: Marc
+49 (0) 173 95 92 690

Contact person for cycling tours: Uli
+49 (0) 160 59 87 947 oder +49 (0) 69 39 10 83


Head of swimming division: Arno
+49 (0) 171 20 35 774