What is FVV?

With its 800+ members, the Frankfurter Volleyball Verein (FVV)  is one of the largest gay sports organizations in Europe and Frankfurt's largest gay institution of any kind.


FVV was founded in 1985 as a sports club for gay men who wanted to play volleyball together, with the original intent being: to enable gay men to play volleyball together in Frankfurt in an atmosphere free of prejudice and discrimination. The bland, neutral name for the club resulted from the needs of the members at that time: to be "recognized" as a legitimate volleyball club. As one of the founding members of the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF), FVV played an integral role in the early development of the gay and lesbian sports movement, whose goal was (and still is) to eliminate discrimination of homosexual athletes in Europe. FVV's European impact has been great, enhanced through our hosting of the 1995 EuroGames in Frankfurt, the first games of this scale in Europe.


FVV currently offers the following sports: badminton, basketball, bowling, cycling, dance, fitness, football (soccer), Nordic walking, platform diving, PositHIV sport, rowing, sailing, square dance, swimming, synchronized swimming, table tennis, tennis, trampolining, triathlon and volleyball.

FVV offers specially tailored training sessions and events for specific target groups, for example, HIV-positive individuals, older athletes (with our "Grey Fitness") and for those interested in synchronized swimming. FVV features a male synchronized swimming group: the first male team in Europe and still the only one in Germany.

Our club is not only active with its diverse offering of sports, but we also participate in tournaments in district, state and national competitions, both within and outside of Germany. Naturally, we are also active participants in the tournaments of other gay and lesbian sports organizations, including, among many others, the GayGames, Outgames and EuroGames.

XMAS Tournament and other events

FVV's pride and joy is our annual Christmas event, our XMAS Tournament, which attracts ca. 1000 gay and lesbian athletes from all corners of Europe. Over the past two years FVV has concentrated its efforts on the sponsorship of eastern European gay sports organizations, which are often subject to discrimination in their respective countries. With our Outreach Eastern Europe program, our club solicits and collects donations to help enable eastern European gay and lesbian athletes to travel to Frankfurt and participate in the XMAS Tournament. FVV works closely in cooperation with the Völklinger Kreis (a German organization of gay business professionals) on this program.

In addition to our XMAS tournament, FVV offers a variety of other events. Two of everyone's favorites are our Summer Festival with its ever-popular handbag tossing competition and our Boat Party, held in conjunction with Frankfurt's annual Museum Festival.


Anyone can become a part of our extended family.  Yes, our focus is and will remain gay men, but non-gay individuals and lesbians are equally welcome. Click HERE for detailed informaition.

FVV Newsletter

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