Twin towns and sponsorship programs


budapest.jpg Budapest is a twin town of Frankfurt, as well as some other attractive cities in Europe and around the world.  In addition to Budapest, Frankfurt is also an official "twin" to Toronto, Milan, Prague and Cracow.  That's nice, but what does this have to do with FVV and athletes from Frankfurt's twin towns?  A whole bunch!  Frankfurt financially supports the exchange of its citizens with those of its twin towns, preferably regularly and in both directions, that is, we visit them, they visit us!


Frankfurt's twins:  Regularly visiting each other here and there...


Frankfurt's citizens can receive financial assistance when they visit one of the city's official twin towns as part of an exchange program.  One example here would be when an FVV member participates in a sports tournament held in one of Frankfurt's sister cities.  And it works the other way around as well.  FVV's Outreach Eastern Europe team, for example, helped facilitate the Prague team players' receipt of a small subsidy for their participation in the 19th XMAS Tournament in 2007.  It is important though that a regular exchange of athletes takes place:  we visit them, they visit us.

The following cities are Frankfurt's official "twins":


Birmingham - Budapest - Cairo - Cracow - Dubai - Granada (Nicaragua)
Guangzhou (China) - Leipzig - Lyon - Milan - Prague - Tel Aviv - Toronto


Missed opportunities


budapest-team-inset.jpg FVV volleyball teams traveled to Prague in 2004 and 2006 and our handball players attended a tournament in Budapest in 2005.  The athletes from Prague and Budapest regularly travel to and participate in the XMAS Tournament here in Frankfurt.  It's a shame that it has not been possible to officially sponsor all of these "twin exchanges."  Not only with Budapest and Prague, but regular exchanges/visits of sisters to and from Birmingham, Cracow, Leipzig, Lyon and Milan can also be sponsored.  How does a trip to the tennis tournament in Milan on the 4th of September 2008 sound?  Then the reciprocal visit of the athletes from Milan could be sponsored when they attend our 20th XMAS Tournament in December 2008.  Or, as an example, our volleyball division could organize a team and travel to the volleyball tournament in Prague scheduled for May 2009.


What is sponsored?

Residents of Frankfurt can get up to 25% of their travel costs to the twin town reimbursed.  Frankfurters who host athletes from our sister cities can also receive a small remuneration as a token of the city's appreciation.  And as far as the resident athletes of our sister cities who travel here are concerned, their respective home cities are responsible for managing the sponsorship.

What must I do?

An application to the Frankfurt city government must be filed well in advance of the tournament.  You must also submit a tournament schedule, a list of team members and a realistic, detailed estimate of the associated travels costs.  FVV will gladly help you with the paperwork.  Just contact us:!

when athletes from our Eastern Europe twin towns come to participate in our tournament, we, in turn, need a list of team members and the address of the sports club in the twin town:  in this way we can then apply for assistance for the housing of our visitors here in Frankfurt.  Let us hear from you:  Outreach team!

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